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Art blog featuring sketches, Ipad drawings, dota 2 art, art from my own worlds, bit of mass effect art, tea and whatever else. Side blog just for my art.
And yes, my Icon is Luna, because she is best. (portrait a collab between me and irasponsible) Blog icon by Dok-tah.

Dota ladies redesigned wip. Luna, mirana and drow.

(help/opinions on drow and mirana before i start more design work for them would be nice :)

I started this project a long time ago, but only finished Luna. so tonight I have started ideas for mirana, drow ranger and templar assassin. So far my ideas are


At almost 6 and a half foot tall, this armored elven warrior of Selemene is an incredibly scary sight. She has trained her muscles and body up over two hundred years of commanding armies and difficult training, and yet still keeps some of the stereotypical look her kind have, but no on is fooled by this. She wears her armor more comfortably than any other radiant hero. Her glaive can be used in melee or ranged combat.


Selemene’s most loyal human servant is neither as tall or strong as Luna, but she has built up powerful arm muscles from her expert use of the bow. I’m currently thinking layered robes may be the way for her, but im a bit stuck. ideas are welcome.


The drow ranger in game wears a swimsuit and hood, so I will be turning this into ornate leather padded armor that covers all of her. She is meant to be slightly intimidated by her appearance, so showing her body off does not fit in my opinion. I think her body type would be tall, maybe 6 ft, and a bit underweight?

Whilst luna is finished and im happy with her (check my other posts for the helmet) I have only just started the others tonight, so any advice/opinions for drow and mirana?

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